4th of July in Dallas Texas

Are you ready for 4th of July in Dallas Texas? Every year for the Fourth of July, Americans all over the country celebrate the country’s independence with festivals, food, and firework shows. It’s so common that it doesn’t feel like the Fourth of July without a miraculous display of colorful explosions happening all around you. If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, you won’t need to go very far to see some great fireworks!

While you can get fireworks at any firework stand around you and do them yourself, fireworks are expensive and dangerous if not done correctly. No amount of roman candles will be as great as a professional fireworks show. Luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down a list of the top places in DFW to see fireworks. First, a history recap!

Why Do Americans Use Fireworks to Celebrate Independence Day?

How did the tradition of watching fireworks on the 4th get started? The first organized celebration of Independence Day happened in Philadelphia on July 4th, after Congress adopted the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. In honor of the 13 colonies that signed, armed ships in the harbor fired 13 canons and 13 rockets which illuminated the sky. Thus, fireworks were born! Now that you know its history, let’s discuss the best fireworks in DFW.

Where to See 4th of July Fireworks in DFW

Summer has arrived, and the 4th of July in Dallas Texas is around the corner. This means that firework shows will be everywhere, from Dallas to Arlington, to Fort Worth. We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular to help your search!

Fort Worth’s Fourth

Hosted at Panther Island Pavillon, Fort Worth’s Fourth has been named the largest firework show in North Texas. This year it will be the 15th annual event at Panther Island Pavillion. You can see these fireworks from anywhere in Fort Worth, however, the best seats in the house are spaced out across Trinity River or on Panther Island Pavillion. The evening is full of live music, great food, and a spectacular fireworks show. The gates open at 5 PM and the fireworks start at 9:30 PM. Fox News also live streams the event just in case you miss it!

Addison Kaboom Town!

Addison Kaboom Town is in Addison, Texas, a city right outside of Dallas. Their firework show is being held on July 3rd this year, and has been an Independence Day celebration since 1985! The show includes the Addison Airport Air Show and is followed by a spectacular fireworks show. The show has won many awards, including Best Firework Show in America, and Top 10 Firework Displays in the US. Save the date and head to Addison Circle Park for a fantastic 4th of July celebration!

All American 4th of July

The All American 4th is hosted in Plano, Texas on July 4th from 6 to 10 PM. It’s an all-out festival, with food, static parade floats, music, and a vendor market. The fireworks show starts at 9:30 PM, so bring your blankets and lawn chair for a fabulous time!

There are many more fireworks shows in DFW to choose from, but based on our research, these are a few of the most popular! Regardless of your Fourth of July plans, we hope you stay safe and have a happy 4th! 

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