What a $700K Home Looks Like in Coppell Texas in 2022

Moving to Dallas Texas and want to know What a $700K Home Looks Like in Coppell Texas? We explore the possibilities in this video. See the transcript below.

In this video, Locating Texas shows you what kind of home you can buy for $700K to $1 Million in Coppell Texas! I’ll take you around Old Town Coppell and two neighborhoods to show you what type of houses you can buy for $600K, $700K and $1 Million. You are going to love this tour of Coppell Texas.

We also dive into some features of the schools in Coppell Texas and share a couple of our favorite places to hang out in Old Town Coppell. Coppell Texas is served by three school districts, Coppell ISD, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD and Lewisville ISD. Coppell is one of the most amazing places to live in the Dallas Fort Worth area because of the great schools that serve the city. In this video about What a $700K Home Looks Like in Coppell Texas, you will also get a tour of Andrew Brown Park in the heart of the city that is home to miles of running and bike paths. If you’re an active family, then living in Coppell Texas may be an incredible place for you.

Transcript Highlights

So you’re thinking about moving to Coppell Texas? Well stick around because in this video we’re going to take you all around Coppell – the old town, the new town, and everything in between. Make sure you stay till the end of the video we’re going to share with you a market report to tell you everything financially you need to know about living here in Coppell Texas. Let’s go ahead and get after it right now.

Old Town Coppell

Welcome back everybody so we are here in one of my favorite communities in the entire city of Coppell this is actually referred to as old downtown Coppell or old Coppell as some know it now traditionally most cities will have an older downtown where this is not the case this is actually more of a modern community that was built in style of one of the old downtown square districts. As you can see behind me, a lot of these homes are really going to be based around the American colonial architecture ranging in sizes between 2,300 square feet and 2,700 square feet.

Total sales price somewhere in the ballpark of 600,000. Now one of my favorite things I love about this community is that it is very family oriented so it is served by Coppell isd which as we’ve mentioned is the number one public school district in all the Dallas-Fort Worth. But as you can see in this community specifically it’s really built out to have a lot of the green spaces but also some very strong commercial.

As we can see behind me George Coffee Shop and Provisions is one of my favorite place to either grab a quick breakfast have a business meeting or really just enjoy some time out here on one of the rocking chairs watching all the different families come out here to play. On a Friday, Saturday evening it’s a great time. So, let’s go ahead and hop into a property short tour and show you exactly what this neighborhood is all about let’s go ahead and get after it right now.

What a $700K Home Looks Like in Coppell Texas

Welcome back everybody so we’re here at another great neighborhood in Coppell Texas. I really wanted to show you what the $700K to $800K price point looked like. Right behind me this is a 3,300 square foot home with four beds and three baths going for roughly about $210 dollars a square foot. Now these homes are as you can see are going to be well maintained this entire community if you kind of walk with me over here you can kind of see again just larger lots in comparison to what we just saw these are going to be about 0.2 to maybe even a quarter acre.

Again very property dependent but as you can see a lot of brick exteriors more of a mature 90s feel but at the same time still great homes and a great school district very large square footage. In some of these homes you’re going to find hopefully some value add opportunities where you can update some counter tops update some new color palette. I like to say a can of paint goes a long way but we’ll dive into a property tour here to show you exactly what this neighborhood looks like being served by the Coppell isd here in Coppell Texas let’s go ahead and get after it right now.

Andrew Brown Park

Andrew Brown Park Coppell Texas
Andrew Brown Park Coppell Texas

Sorry, I was just uh taking a moment to take this all in. I want to welcome y’all to Andy Brown Park or Andrew Brown Park and my personal opinion is one of the most beautiful parks in all the Dallas Fort Worth. As you can see me see behind me they have the sand volleyball courts they have the ponds with fish decks many miles of hiking and biking paths. You’ll see people here all day long now off in the distance you can see these very large pavilions across the pond you can see the water park and recreational center here in Coppell Texas.

So this is absolutely again one of the most beautiful parks in all of North Texas. We’re going to take you on a quick little walk through so you can really get some dynamic of what Andy Brown Park is all about and why people here in Coppell Texas are trying so hard to live in close radius to it let’s go ahead and get after it right now.

all right welcome back everybody so we are here in the heart of Andrew Brown Park I just wanted to stop real quick and show you this massive pavilion you see behind me now this serves to many birthday parties many great celebrations or really just a great summer cookout. This area alongside the greenways you have the water off in the back again you’ll see art pieces like this scattered throughout Andrew Brown Park. So off in the distance the waterways the trails it continues for miles but I really truly unique beautiful park here in the heart of North Texas about 10 minutes from the airport and probably about 20 to 25 minutes from Downtown Dallas.

Red Hawk Community Coppell Texas

Welcome back everybody we’re here at Red Hawk community in Coppell Texas. This is a small tight-knit community ranging in homes between about 30 and 50 units all between the price points of about $1 million and $3 million. Now the homes here are going to be between the sizes of about 2,500 square feet upwards to about 5,000. So you’re going to get a wide range of homes now most of this community is already built out they started construction back in 2012. The HOA here is about $3,000 a year.

Now that being said you’re going to be served by Coppell ISD which is one of the most top-tier school districts all of North Texas. So going back to the available inventory they have here I believe they have a couple lots left one being a spec home and one being a custom build if you were to do a custom build you’re looking at roughly about 250 to 300 dollars a square foot depending on the finished outs of the home. But I can talk about this all day long let’s go ahead and hop into this neighborhood and show you what the homes builders do here in the Red Hawk Community.

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