Best Places to Run in Dallas

A little sunshine is good for the soul, so get up and get outside to the best places to run in Dallas! In fact, there are many places to get a nice walk or run in the DFW area. So, we’ve captured some of our favorites in an easy list based on the area you live.

  1. Katy Trail
  2. Spring Trail Park/Campion Trail Park
  3. Rockledge Park – Grapevine Lake
  4. Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Our Family Favorite Places to Run in Dallas

  1. Cypress Waters
  2. Lake Carolyn
  3. Andrew Brown Park
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Katy Trail

Located in the heart of uptown Dallas, Katy Trail is a 3.5 mile stretch that runs from Victory Park all the way up toward 75, eventually merging with the University Crossing Trail. Although it’s privately maintained by its members, anyone can head out and enjoy this mix-use trail. We’ve seen rollerbladers, runners, families on walks, especially lots of dog walkers on this one. It’s a wonderful community project, certainly, one of the nicest places to run in Dallas. Uniquely one of the most fun trails on our list, but also one of the busiest. However, it is a cool experience with the Katy Trail Ice House to catch a meal afterward with friends and its website even shows you the current weather on the trail!

Campion Trail

One of the bigger projects happening right now is the Campion Trail extension. There is a large effort by the City of Irving and Dallas to interconnect cities and systems through these trails.

Campion Trail is just on the far east side of Irving that is split into two pieces. In effect, there is a trail at the north end and one at the south end. Altogether, they stretch about 13 miles long.

The north section is the longer section and it goes along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. It stretches between the Sam Houston Trail Park in Valley Ranch and goes south to Las Colinas.

At the south end, the trail follows the West Fork of the Trinity River. From Trinity View Park you’ll pass Twin Wells Park and Mountain Creek Preserve, which eventually connect you to Grand Prairie’s Lone Star Trail. Connection is what Campion is all about!

Indeed, these trails will eventually connect and unite cities like Irving, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas. 

Rockledge Park – Grapevine Lake

Nestled along the water of Lake Grapevine, Rockledge Park is a fantastic place to spend a whole day. The park sits just at the entrance of the one of the most popular trails in North Texas, North Shore Trail. North Shore Trail is a 9.5 mile stretch that connects to Twin Coves Park at the north side of Lake Grapevine. There is all sorts of fun to be had in this area, with picnic tables, kayak rentals, a general store with snacks and drinks, and even a beach and swimming area.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park

If you’re really looking for an adventure, we suggest heading up to Ray Roberts Lake State Park and taking advantage of one of the many trail routes around the area. Better yet, there is so much to do at Ray Roberts, consider spending the day! Not only are there trails, but also great swimming and fishing spots.

The 22-mile trail is a mix of a 12 mile horse trail and a 10 mile trail for hiking, running and biking. Johnson Branch and Isle du Bois even have some paved trails which are great for exploring “on the path”.

Don’t miss this interactive map provided by the State Park to plan your trip.

Isle du Bois Trail

Family Favorite Places to Run in Dallas

We are avid runners and outdoor enthusiasts, so we have our favorite places to run in Dallas. Some of the trails include: Cypress Waters, Lake Carolyn, and Andrew Brown Park. These three trails or running paths are found in Coppell and Las Colinas, Irving, which are fantastic cities in DFW. In fact, these trails are incredibly family friendly and each follow along a body of water.

Cypress Waters Trail at the Sound is just off 635 and Belt Line Road. It’s a great place with a few eateries and offices around it. Yet, it’s a perfect outdoor area to fish, catch some sun, or go for a run. Lake Carolyn is just minutes down the road. This trail has an amazing paved path that surrounds the lake and connects through the canal system. Again, the promenade area has plenty of eateries and fun things to do, but this lake also has gondolas and paddle boards.

Finally, Andrew Brown Park is one of the most amazing gems in the Coppell area. The Coppell Trail System is extensive and beautiful. Not only are there art displays and beautiful foot bridges, but also multiple ponds and sitting areas. All of these sights make for a really fun run.

Happy running! Ready to find a home here in the DFW area? Be sure to schedule a call today to talk more.

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