The “CalExodus” – Moving from California to Texas

Is the CalExodus really happening right now? Are people moving from California to Texas at an accelerated rate? Well, not exactly. According to the California Policy Lab, the massive decline in California residents isn’t because of an exodus or a so-called CalExodus, but because less people are moving into the state.

As a former California resident, I too made the jump to living in Texas. It was after just several months of experiencing the lifestyle. The Bay Area is probably the worst place to live for those of us who have experienced a better life in Arizona or Texas. It only took me a few short months to realize there were serious downsides that couldn’t be overcome with easy beach access and surfing.

Even though the CalExodus may not be as serious as it seems, there are still many people moving out of the state of California. So in this blog, I’m sharing why so many California residents are moving from California to Texas from personal experiences and stories from our clients.

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Taxes and Cost of Living

The obvious reasons so many people are leaving California? Taxes and cost of living! Not only are gas prices going up, but the cost of food, rent and homes in California have always been higher than in the inland states. Just the other day, a friend of ours who still lives in Orange County put a full tank of gas for $162! But, some people would argue that high paying jobs offset these costs. The reality is that they can’t. Not with the way taxes are in California.

The federal government already takes taxes out of your paychecks, but then account for the state taxes and the higher pay isn’t really offsetting much. Yet, housing, food and transportation costs are still higher.

Political Affiliation

Most people don’t want to talk politics, but we’re going to do it anyway! Let’s be real. The state of California is blue. The Conservatives in the state are finding it harder and harder to live freely. The Liberal affiliation of the state has really made it hard for many residents to live comfortably, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, one of our clients recently told us that they felt like they could really be themselves in Texas. Moving here gives them more freedom because their neighbors in California can’t see past their political blinders.

That’s not to say that there aren’t blue cities and areas of Texas. In fact, this below was the political map from the 2020 election.

Texas Political Map 2020
2020 Texas political map

Many people fear that more California residents are coming into the state and may lean the entire state blue. However, is Texas really at risk of becoming a Democrat majority state? Probably not. More and more people realize when they come here the realities of what has happened in California. Leaning too much in one direction can be problematic. The optimists would say that Texas is becoming more moderate because of the mix and open conversations. Freedom and choice allow for a true democratic society here in Texas.

The CalExodus Reality

So although many are saying the exit of Californians to Texas isn’t as big as believed, people are still leaving California. The CalExodus is still real. Many people would even try to convince you to make the move. This Nomad Capitalist article is from a former Californian who says why not live out of the US?

Well, if you’re not quite ready to become an ex-patriot of the USA, there are still options. Texas, Arizona, and Florida are booming with Californians. Moving out of state isn’t that hard when you have the right resources.

We’re happy to connect interested movers with clients in the state of Texas who have made the move themselves. Many have moved businesses, their families, and even brought out a whole community. It’s possible! Just start by setting up a call with us. We can talk about residential properties, commercial properties, schools and even new construction home builds if you’d like.

Written by Amy Villarreal, Locating Texas

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