Downloadable Moving Checklist 2022 [Printable]

Get the Downloadable Moving Checklist 2022 to help make sure everything is taken care of before moving to Texas! Proper planning can help you save hundreds of dollars in moving costs. It can also help you learn which services you need to turn and when to contact them.

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Are you getting ready to move in to your new home? Whether you’re moving from another state or you’re moving from a different city, here is the Downloadable Moving Checklist 2022. Print it and use it to ensure you have a smooth move to Texas!

One Month Before Moving

After you’ve been on your house hunting trip and hopefully have spent time learning about the area, you’ll want to start gathering all the information to transfer. Be sure to locate new doctors, dentists, schools and insurance companies. You also will want to set up a calendar to make sure you’re on track over the month before you need to load up and head out.

Finally, one month before moving is a great time to get rid clothing, furniture and other household items you don’t need anymore. Rather than moving them with you, donate them to charity or have a garage sale. You can also use apps like Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp to post your items for sale.

3 Weeks Before Moving

Three weeks before you move, you can spend this time informing people you know of your new address. One of our favorite things to share with our clients is a change of address card template that alerts people you’ve moved to Texas. Zazzle has lots of fun designs that feature Texas. Check out this card design on Zazzle, or you can also find dozens of other moving announcement styles on Minted.

2 Weeks Before Moving

Two weeks before your move, be sure that everything that is held at your local bank or safety deposit box is transferred over. Start to pack your clothes and toiletries in bags that will not be put in the moving truck. In addition, be sure your moving company has also supplied you with a list of things that they do not allow in their moving truck so you can plan accordingly. Often they will not allow any aerosols, cleaning products, or combustible items that are unstable with extreme temperature changes.

1 Week Before Moving

It’s time to clean up and get ready for the big move! Be sure to clean out your refrigerator and let it dry out at least 24 hours before you move out. Discard all the toxic chemicals, aerosols, and paints or oils that you have around. Ensure propane tanks are removed from grills and heaters, and all of your outdoor equipment is taken care of like hoses, mowers, and other equipment.

Important Note: You want to be sure to schedule your utilities to be turned on! Here’s a great resource that will have all your utilities

So, this all sounds like a lot to handle, but don’t worry. This checklist and a handy calendar planned out with all the things you need to do will help you make a smooth move!

Download the Downloadable Moving Checklist 2022

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