Facts About Texas Bluebonnets

Welcome to Texas, land of the bluebonnets! In this post, Locating Texas is going to share some of the best facts about Texas bluebonnets that you need to know. Watch this video to get an inside look at the bluebonnets in Texas and hear what Derek and Amy have to say about living in Texas.

What are Bluebonnets?

Bluebonnets primarily grow in Texas and is known as its state flower. However, you can find bluebonnets in Florida, Louisiana and Oklahoma as well.

These beautiful flowers bloom from March through May all across the state and in all sorts of places. Likely, if you’re driving down the highway at any point during this Spring season, you’ll find bluebonnets all along your drive. Bluebonnets take this name because of their recognizable deep blue color. As you can see, these flowers create a beautiful spring view for residents in Texas.

Like other wildflowers, bluebonnets can really get traction and become expansive fields. The good news is they attract butterflies and bees and really are a big part of the Texas ecosystem!

Facts About Texas Bluebonnets - field of bluebonnets
Photo by nagaraju gajula on Pexels.com

Facts About Picking Bluebonnets

One thing you may hear when moving to Texas is that picking bluebonnets is illegal. Well, in the video above Locating Texas debunks this myth! However, there are several rules you need to know about these precious Texas wildflowers.

First, picking bluebonnets in public areas isn’t illegal, but it is frowned upon. As the state flower and as beautiful landscaping pieces in Texas, bluebonnets are precious. We highly suggest leaving them alone and just taking a few pictures instead.

Second, it is illegal to trespass onto someone’s property either to pick flowers or to just take photos. Be conscious of whose property you are on when you are out visiting.

Third, Texas does have protected state parks in which picking wildflowers is also illegal. Feel free to snap some photos when hiking or enjoying our state parks, but do not pick the flowers!

Bluebonnet Festivals of Texas

The best part about living in Texas is that we love to celebrate! In Ennis and Burnett Texas, you can find the best bluebonnet festivals. At these festivals, you may find concerts, vendors, games, and other activities.

Most importantly, you’ll find an assortment of bluebonnet trail activities and highlights for some of the best places to take photos.

Yes, we’ve mentioned taking photos of bluebonnets several times. This is definitely a trend that many Texans take part in when they bloom. Don’t be surprised to see families out in fields of bluebonnets taking some spring photos.

We hope you enjoyed these facts about Texas bluebonnets! Be sure to follow our YouTube channel and watch our videos to learn more about what it’s like living in Texas.

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