Looking for Investment Property in Dallas Texas?

If you’re looking for investment property in Dallas Texas, then you need to watch this video!

The Locating Texas team has the scoop on an area of Dallas that has the best investment property opportunities. Whether you’re looking for a quick to market turn key rental property or a fixer upper in Dallas, this area is a hidden gem.

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Investment Property in Dallas Highlights

We are in the neighborhood in North Irving. In this video we’re really going to walk through to give some dynamic of what affordable housing or a good investment looks like here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This is what I believe to be poised for continued equity growth when we think about this area as itself is only about 10 minutes away from the DFW Airport, 15 minutes away from the Downtown Dallas area.

Now as you see behind me this community is going to be a lot of single story homes with two stories thrown in but primarily one story between the square footage of 1500 and 2500 square feet. A lot of these properties are going to be built between the 50s maybe the 80s depending on the neighborhood but this is what affordable housing looks like in the city of Irving.

Now this neighborhood is a pretty clean neighborhood as you can see well manicured lawns a lot of home home ownership pride which is a good thing to see in the city of Irving. Aside from that what you’re going to see a lot of brick exteriors.

Investment Property in Irving

Investment Property in Dallas Texas - Irving Texas Investment Properties
Typical investment property – Fixer Upper in Irving Texas

Now when we talk about good investments we’re walking up to one right now so the average price per square footage for a home in this area is going to be about 200 to 225 dollars a square foot for brand new. Now that being said if you can get the property anywhere from anything less than that right no but it really depends on the repairs, what’s your exit strategy.

These are some questions that we provide clarity to for our clients so whether you’re looking for a long-term rental or maybe just an affordable house that needs some TLC, make sure to reach out to our team we have a lot of luck finding off-market properties in neighborhoods like this. So we can help our clients or investors find something that’s really going to bring them continued passive income over the future or maybe just the best investment for them and their family.

This home itself was roughly about 130 to 135 dollars a square foot. Now let’s save you all the trouble because i’ve already walked inside and this is certainly an investment opportunity. Currently it’s listed at $290,000. That being said let’s get it up seven dollars a square foot on a 1500 square foot house the numbers add up pretty quickly. You know neighborhoods like this are going to have that charm of what a ranch style house feels like in a slower community but at the same time being commute friendly between all these areas now the great thing about this community. As well as it doesn’t have HOAs.

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