Living in Plano Texas

Thinking about living in Plano, Texas? It’s no secret we love Texas! From the sunshine, seemingly endless summer, and friendly faces, living in Texas is a joy for many. The state has a lot to offer in terms of employment and does not disappoint in entertainment. Now more than ever, people are making the move to Texas due to its great living environment. 

There are many great cities to move to in Texas. From Dallas to Houston, each city has its own unique ambiance with the same southern charm. But for the sake of this article, we’ll be discussing the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, specifically, Plano, Texas. 

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Living in Plano, Texas

Plano is an extremely bustling suburb outside of Dallas that is rapidly growing in population. Plano is approximately 20 miles from Downtown Dallas, making a daily commute to work a piece of cake. The population of Plano is about 288,000 and continues to grow due to its stellar reputation. In fact, Plano is so popular that Niche considers it the 5th best place to buy a house in the country! With a Niche rating of A+ Plano is great to raise a family and make a great living for yourself while being close to many things around you. 

Students in Plano are eligible for any Plano ISD public school and a handful of private academies. Plano has high economic success due to PISD luring big business professionals. Plano schools have some of the highest percentages on college exams in the nation, too. Additionally, the city of Plano is extremely diverse, with many people of different backgrounds making it a great community. 

Things to do in Plano, Texas

There are so many opportunities in Plano to be entertained. Plano has been named one of the healthiest cities, with safe parks and recreational facilities. Plano also offers an endless array of Luxury shopping and local boutiques for all types of shopaholics. Simply visit Legacy West for a great experience. And when you’re done shopping, you can grab some incredible Tex-Mex or BBQ at Legacy Hall to fill your appetite. There are also Italian, sushi, and American restaurants to choose from as well. 

For a bigger adventure, there are plenty of golf courses, museums, movie theaters, and events all around Plano. Plano also has world-famous attractions and hidden gems throughout the city. A big attraction in Plano is The Crayola Experience, a hands-on attraction great for families. If you’re thinking about living in Plano, these family friendly activities are just the start of it all! Plano is also home to Oak Point Park, an adventure course with kayaking and canoeing. If you’re not feeling the adventure in Plano, take a quick day trip to Dallas or Fort Worth for a big city experience. 

Considering Moving to Plano?

As you can see, the city of Plano has so much to offer for those looking to move to a great city. With great entertainment, luxurious shopping, exquisite dining experience, and lots of entertainment, Plano, Texas is the perfect place to call home. If you are considering moving to Plano, Texas, get in contact with a professional or a resident of Plano for more information! 

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