Moving from California to Texas

If you’re living on the west coast and considering a change to the most popular state in the United States right now, then this Guide to Moving from California to Texas is exactly what you need. In this guide, you’ll learn the basic differences between Texas and California. Plus, review our most frequently asked questions from people just like you looking to make the move!

10 Top Differences Between Texas and California

  1. Texas is THE location for entrepreneurial startups.
  2. It’s generally a less cost of living in Texas vs California.
  3. California has arguably better hiking, with better views.
  4. Texas real estate is hot, so it’s easier to find homes and land.
  5. Health insurance is more affordable in Texas.
  6. California has more prestigious schools.
  7. Texas has no state income tax.
  8. California is ranked as the 5th largest global economy with GDP almost double that of Texas.
  9. Texas traffic is less terrible, depending on where you choose to relocate.
  10. The California weather is unparalleled.

What To Know About Moving From California to Texas

Weather in California - palm trees - moving from California to Texas

If you currently live in California, your financial burden is probably making you a little queasy, especially around tax season. It is one of the most expensive states to live in. But, you probably made the move to or have stayed near California for a reason. The quality of life in this state is beyond compare. It truly is California dreaming…

While we can only think of warm sunshine and palm trees, and an easy going lifestyle, its costs among other political climates are certainly enough to urge you to move. And, it’s not a bad idea! Coming from a Texan who recently moved back from California, it’s worth it for so many reasons.

For instance this Investopedia article suggests that “the average single adult could expect to eat with $3,792 a year in California versus $3,177 in Texas.” $600 less a year isn’t too significant, but multiply that out by more family members to feed and it could get hefty. In addition, the average healthcare costs and housing costs are much lower in Texas than in California. In fact, the cost of homes are a staggering 48% higher on the west coast than they are in the great state of Texas. Imagine getting more home for a fraction of the price.

For a example, another Investopedia article shares that “the cost of living in Los Angeles is approximately 46% higher than in Dallas.” Rent prices are a good example of it, which are 56.17% lower in Dallas than in LA!

So many of our clients who have already made the move in the last year have said it’s true! They are amazed by the amount of home and amount of land you can potentially get in comparison. But not just that, Dallas Fort Worth is a sprawling metroplex filled with so many different things to do and see.

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Homes for Sale in Dallas Texas

If you’re looking for affordable homes in incredible places, maybe near some water in the Dallas, Texas area, let us guide you. We’ve recently sold homes in places like Heath, Rockwall, Rowlett, and Rose Hill. This area is nearby the wonderful Lake Ray Hubbard and is up and coming as one of the hottest spots in the DFW area.

Maybe being near great hiking spots or a body of water is important to you. If so, there is water all over the DFW! These cities above are just a few options. But, there is also Grapevine Lake, Lewisville Lake, and if you want to be near the city lights, then White Rock Lake may be a great option.

We recommend starting by taking a look around Google maps and seeing what’s available between Dallas and Fort Worth. If location is flexible, then there is a lot to do and see. California may have close access to beaches and wineries, but don’t sleep on what Dallas, Texas has to offer!

Schedule a call with us today to start talking about your relocation needs and discovering where you may want to settle down in the great state of Texas. We’re here to help guide you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving from California to Texas

Are schools good in Texas?

Schools in Texas are some of the best. Now, you may be used to really great schools in California, but there are many options here, including some of the best private schools. To learn more go to to find out how certain districts perform.

What is the climate around covid procedures?

Masks are not required anywhere in the state of Texas, neither are vaccines.

Is there weather that much worse than California? Does Texas get all four seasons?

You can expect pretty cold winters and pretty hot humid summers. The spring and fall are generally warm and comfortable. Unlike California, you may experience days of harsh wind and cold, freezing rain, ice or sleet. On some occasions, you may see snow that sticks.

What is driving around Dallas like?

Dallas is a sprawling metroplex connected by interstate highways that get you from Forth Worth to Dallas and all around. The map above is a great way to explore the way cities are interconnected. Generally it can take you about 30 minutes to get from one major area to another, but depending on the highway you take, it could be quicker. Dallas and its surrounding cities are susceptible to the late afternoon traffic rushes, so be prepared for longer drive times during rush hour.

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