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Is moving from New York to Texas really worth a relocation of over 1,700 miles? Well, survey says… yes! If you’re looking for a guide for moving from New York to Texas, this is it! Get all you need to know in our ever expanding knowledge base here of what it’s like living in Texas versus living in New York.

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Top 10 Differences Between New York & Texas

  1. The weather in Texas is arguably better – goodbye long winter snow storms!
  2. Cost of living in Texas is much better than in New York – in every way
  3. Availability of rentals and rent prices are much better
  4. More space in general, especially if you’re coming from the City
  5. Food and groceries are about 17.7% more expensive in NYC over Dallas
  6. Gas, car insurance, maintenance and other transportation expenses are about 54.7% more in NYC over Dallas
  7. Texas activities in the summer are just hands down much better, including lake excursions and floating the river
  8. You may get great deli and pizza in New York, but Texas has it all! Texas has the USA’s greatest barbecue, Tex-Mex, steakhouses, seafood, and some of the best global cuisines from migrants who have settled here.
  9. Texas is a political playground of freedom of thought and choice. A traditionally red state, many more conversations are happening and every voice matters. It has created a true democracy with real American values at its core.
  10. Southern hospitality is a real thing. If you had an issue or problem in public, hands down someone in Texas would stop to help you out. Try that in New York and you won’t get the same friendliness. In Texas, we open doors, share a smile, and have a casual conversation with any stranger.

Find the Right City

Here’s a whopping stat for you! New York City is 66.9% more expensive than Dallas right now in 2022! And get this, median home costs are 151% higher than in Dallas Texas as well.

When you decide to move from New York to Texas, be prepared for some sticker shock, in the good way.

Did you know that Texas is the second largest American state behind Alaska? It’s so big! In fact, what’s great about that is you will never get bored of exploring and finding your next adventure. Plus, you can really live anywhere and in any style by just finding the right city in the state for you.

Austin, the capitol, is filled with “techies, political hopefuls, SXSW hipsters, bands, academics…wait, Austin is pretty much for everyone.” There is so much to do and see in Austin and if you love up and coming music, then this is your spot.

Want a more authentic Mexico influence? San Antonio and El Paso are wonderful cities filled with rich culture and history. Houston is an oil town and known for its rap music scene. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between Atlanta and Houston that make the two cities almost like sisters.

If you’re looking for a little country and cowboy feel, then Denton and Fort Worth are your go-to places. You’ll find Denton is littered with ranches and land and home to many of the Professional Bull Riding rodeo stars. You may find a few concrete cowboys in Fort Worth, but don’t be surprised to be amongst mostly cowboy hat and boot wearing folks.

Ready to move to Texas yet? No matter where you’re from, Texas has a city for you.

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