New Construction in Dallas Texas Process

New construction in Dallas Texas or near Dallas Texas can be difficult to find. But, luckily we are connected with some of the best builders in the metroplex and connecting them with you is our favorite thing to do! Below we share the process for new construction homes in Texas.

We’ve helped people all over the country find new construction in Royse City, Westlake, Rockwall, and all over Dallas Texas. Whether you’re looking for something under $1 Million or over $1 Million, the builders we work with are keen to help you create your dream home.

Steps to Building New Construction in Dallas Texas

So, you’re thinking about building a new home here in the great state of Texas? Here is what you need to know.

  1. Find a City in or around Dallas that you would like to check out. Be sure to do your due diligence! Look up schools, cost of living, walkability, parks and nature nearby, and other important attractions and elements. Set up a free consultation to discuss the area!
  2. Find a Builder that creates homes you love. We have several on our list of top choices!
  3. Get Pre-Approved either through your own mortgage lender or we can connect you with the company through the builder. Usually they have great incentives for going through them.
  4. Review the Contract closely so you understand if there are any escalation clauses. An escalation clause could mean the builder can increase prices before you close on your home, so be aware of those.
  5. Be Patient with the Process. Building a home in this market can take up to 10 months. But, we promise it’s worth the wait.
  6. Let us Help you with a Blue Tape Walk and Inspection to ensure the home is ready to move in and to your liking. It’s a good time to be picky and ensure the home is to your standards.
  7. Finally, it’s move in time!

If you’re looking for more resources about building a new construction home in Texas, be sure to follow our channel for more great videos.

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