Texas Land for Sale 2022

Looking for Texas land for sale? Well, we’ve invited the Land Man himself, Ben Lewis, to share his knowledge about buying land in Texas. In this video, we share all about the dos and don’ts of buying land, what to expect when you buy multiple acres and how to properly prepare for taking care of your Texas land. If you’re looking for more information about other suburbs of Dallas, check out our Best Places to Live page with several of our featured cities and videos.

Tips for Buying Land

  1. Know what you can handle. When it comes to taking care of land, it’s likely you’ll need equipment and other supplies to keep grass, brush, and agriculture well-kept. There’s a lot of work that goes into maintaining land!
  2. Get to know price per acre. At this time (March/April 2022), each acre is about $80,000 in the Rockwall and Rowlett area. This price goes up or down depending on whether you go closer or farther from the city or how close you are to prime property around Lake Ray Hubbard.
  3. Know when to get a price break. At about 5 acres is when the price breaks begin. The more you buy, the more of a price break you may get per acre.
  4. Understand if it already has water and electricity access. If the acreage doesn’t have utilities running already, this is an additional cost to keep in mind. It can be very costly to run electricity and utilities to your land, so always ask about this during your search!
  5. Don’t be afraid of septic systems. An easy way to add comfortability to your land without major costs is to embrace a septic system.

Overview of Texas Land for Sale

In this video, Ben features 21 acres for sale in Rowlett Texas. Rowlett is located just between Rockwall and Garland. It borders the beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard, which is a feature Ben points out in this video. The proximity of the lake, along with the ease of access to the city of Dallas is what makes this property come in at a price point about $100,000/acre.

Rowlett Texas Map - Texas Land for Sale 2022
Rowlett, Texas Map

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