What Does a $600K House Look Like in Irving Texas?

What Does a $600K House Look Like in Irving Texas in 2022? Locating Texas dives into the neighborhoods of Irving Texas to reveal what homes look like this year in 2022.

Irving is a suburb of Dallas Texas and a true DFW hidden secret! In this video, Locating Texas takes you on a tour to answer the question “What Does a $600K House Look Like in Irving Texas”?

Fast Facts About Irving:
#12 Most Diverse City in America
#33 Best Cities to Buy a House in America
#40 Best Cities to Live in America
Public schools in Irving are rated A-
Nightlife in Irving is rated A

Thinking about moving to Irving, Texas? In this video we’re going to take you all over Irving showing you the greatest hot spots walking you through some different neighborhoods showing you different price points of homes that can fit the needs for you and your family! Stick around until the end to get a market report on living in Irving Las Colinas Texas.

Irving Texas - The famous Mustangs of Las Colinas in Williams Square
The famous Mustangs of Las Colinas in Williams Square

Transcript Highlights:

Howdy howdy everybody and welcome to the Locating Texas channel my name is Derek Ragan if you’d like to know everything there is to know about living here in North Texas make sure you tap that notification bell click that subscription button so you can get the latest reports of the Dallas Fort Worth area. The team and I get calls texts and emails all day long from individuals just like yourself moving from other states so whether you’re moving next week or next year don’t worry partner we’ve got your back and we’ve done it all so go ahead and shoot us a text send us an email or give us a call so the team and I can help you and your family move here to the great state of Texas

Welcome back everybody today we’re here in Riverside Village this is a 500 unit home community here along riverside road and Irving Las Colinas this community is going to be very resemblance of what a lot of my clients are looking for that are coming from California typically a lot of my clients like to see what we’re seeing behind us a stucco house with a mediterranean roof here in Texas you don’t find that too much so this is a very special treat and a very special neighborhood we have to tour today not only does this community have about 500 homes they’re gonna be between six and seven hundred thousand dollar price point they’re also going to range anywhere from about three thousand to four thousand square feet now as we take a walk around the community we can see there’s going to be all sorts of different hiking trails very residentially focused this is a great place to raise a family now one of the great things about Texas and why a lot of people are moving here is because of the mild temperament here it is December 7th and we’re about 65 almost 70 degrees here in Texas.

Riverside Village Neighborhood Tour – Las Colinas Texas

We have the sun shining blue skies couldn’t ask for much more in December time I’ll tell you that but if we look around you can see the beauty of what fall like is like here in Texas we have a lot of the oranges the reds the ambers and fall is really starting to kick in so a very strong community just about 10 minutes away from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport about 15 to 20 minutes away from the downtown Dallas area and just a boot scoop boogie away from any of the higher-end shopping that you’re looking for serviced from an educational standpoint this community is going to be served by farmers branch and Coppell isd depending on which one you like there is a another great school that will make a video about north hills which is going to be located along riverside isd this is going to be a private school so we’ll touch more about that on a couple of our videos so make sure to tune in but we’re going to do a property tour and breeze through this neighborhood to give you the best aspect of what your money will get for you here in the great state of Texas.

Campion Hollows Neighborhood Tour – Valley Ranch Texas

Howdy howdy everybody and welcome back today we have a special treat in store for you. We’re here on the north side of valley ranch in a special community called campion hollows price points are going to be between 600 and 700 000 ranging in square footage between 2 500 and up to 4 000 square feet with an average price point between 222 225 dollars a square foot apologize this entire community is probably going to have a gross home count of around 250 homes a very tight-knit community here in irving are tax rates around that 2.6 and you’re going to be serviced as you can see with a very close commute to the high schools of valley ranch and farmers branch isd two very top-tier educational systems here in the texas area after this video we’re gonna do a quick breeze through the neighborhood to show you all the different aspects and homes that are offered between six and seven hundred thousand here in the irving lost cleanest camping hollows community y’all check it out we’re going to boot scoot boogie right after this

Schools in Irving Texas

Just to give you all some insight on what the schools look like in this surrounding area as we were on riverside road right here you as i mentioned in the video you have uphills sorry uplift north hills which is a preparatory high school along the north along the riverside road so you can see that it’s a great uh campus i did not personally go there but a lot of my privileged friends who were able to go there did now i actually went to macarthur high school right here which is a public high school in the city of irving a minus rating so you know again most of this north urban area you’re going to see a minuses a’s and above uh rancho high schools of b plus i really would would probably count that a little bit higher in my personal opinion in comparison to macarthur just from personal reference i went to macarthur great school public schools learned everything i needed had all the opportunities of any other finer education systems but we always recognized the north irving in the valley ranch areas as the more sought after school districts a lot of my clients actually look to be in the coppell area so we can kind of zoom out and show you all some of that and reference coppell high school a plus this school right here again one of their technology schools which is going to be similar to the jack e. singley academy more of a trade high schools focused on some of those special programs for forensic science law and order journalism etc etc so a lot of great things going on in the school districts.

That’s it everybody the good the bad the ugly of what life is like here in the irving texas area remember send us a text shoot us an email or give us a call so the team and i can help you and your family make a smooth move down here to the gray state of Texas until next time everybody let’s boot scoot boogie!

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